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Ford Adopts Ferrari-like Vetting Process

AutoBlog - Ford's rigorous application process for the new GT aims to ensure that the hard-to-get supercars go to the most passionate buyers. According to the Detroit News, the website to request the GT doesn't open until later in February, but the questions include how many Fords the applicants have owned, how often they would drive the supercar, and inquire about their presences on social media. Current GT owners reportedly get special consideration, too. The Blue Oval will only make 250 GTs annually, so the competition will be fierce.

The exclusive selection process will make it more likely you will see the GT on the street because Ford will pick the buyers who will use them the most. "We want to prioritize people who are going to care about the car, keep the car, and drive the car," Raj Nair, Ford's product chief, said to the News. Customers will also sign a contract in which they will agree not to sell the GT for a certain period of time. This will keep people from immediately flipping the new supercar on the used market.

Once Ford chooses a customer, the person will get VIP treatment throughout the build process, and a certified dealer will complete the purchase. The strategy allows the Blue Oval to tailor each car to its buyer and make sure customers have a satisfactory experience.

Ford will deliver the first new GTs by the end of the year, but there are still some big mysteries about it. The company only confirms the supercar has over 600 horsepower, and there's no official word on price. Prospective buyers should start placing orders soon, so maybe these vital details could leak out.

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