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Would You Snapchat Your Adventure for A World Tour?

Uproxx - Tired of sending the same Snapchat stories of food and drinks in your hometown? Wow Air can help you with that. The Icelandic budget airline is looking to send four people on free adventures to different locations around the world, provided they Snapchat the whole thing.

Each Snapchatter will go to four of Wow’s 28 available destinations, on trips that last from three to eight days each. The locations will be assigned at random once the four are selected. In addition to their flight being free, the travelers will receive travel allowances, free accomodations and free activities. The Snapchatters won’t need to spend a dime.

The only catch? Snapchatters have to do at least two Snapchat-able activities while they are on the ground. The airline has the ultimate say as to whether or not something is snapworthy, but they are encouraging suggestions from the four lucky travelers that they pick.

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