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Apple Chief Design Officer Imagines Claridge's Christmas Tree

Every year, London’s famous Claridge’s hotel kicks off its holiday season with a decorative showstopper Christmas tree in the foyer.

The 5-star hotel in Mayfair goes far beyond what most people imagine as a ‘Christmas tree’ roping in world-renowned designers and architects to imagine incredible visual displays.

In 2015, Burberry CEO unveiled a gold and silver tree composed of 100 umbrellas and 70,000 lights. 2014 was a more traditional tree, designed by Dolce & Gabbana, also pictured above.

For the first time, Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive will be taking up the post and imagining his own blockbuster Christmas tree at Claridges, in cooperation with Marc Newson – who also works at Apple on projects such as Apple Watch.

Jony Ive’s interpretation of a festive tree was unveiled at the hotel on November 18 and as CNN noted it was a little too unenthusiastic ("boring") for the season.

Minimalism suits Apple well but surely it doesn't go well with the Christmas spirit.

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