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Net-a-Porter To Sell Their Luxury Collection Through WhatsApp

LL - Net-a-Porter’s next big move is trying to reach a new set of customers through the instant messaging service: WhatsApp. The e-commerce site’s personal shoppers already use WhatsApp to talk to their clients and now the company is in the process of developing technology that will allow those customers to purchase their favorite luxury goods directly through the app.

“We’ve made some of our biggest sales to EIPs by chatting to them through WhatsApp,” said Net-a-Porter’s chief executive Federico Marchetti. This explains the company’s wish to reach out to clients through this medium. Additionally, Net-a-Porter gets almost double the business from mobile users as compared to customers buying via their desktop computers. Not only do mobile users make more purchases, but their purchases also have higher values.

The technology, however, is still being tested and as of now there is no release date in sight.

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