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Destination Marketing | Denmark Has a Giant Walk-On Map of The World

Inhabitat - You’d need around 11 years to walk around the globe – if you can walk on water. But a world map in Denmark makes the feat possible in a few minutes. Verdenskortet, or world map, is a walkable map, made of soil and stone, built on top of a pond. It took Søren Poulsen more than two decades to complete this extraordinary project, and it was worth the wait.

Poulsen, who was born in 1888 in Denmark, realized a stone on his land was shaped similar to the Jutland Peninsula. That stone launched the idea to create a world map, and Poulsen started the project in 1944. He continued working on the map, located at his childhood home at Klejtrup Lake, until he died in 1969.

Poulson’s world map measures 300 feet by 150 feet, with every 10 inches representing around 69 miles in the real world.

Flags mark each country, and there’s even yellow bricks dividing America up into states. Red poles indicate where the equator lies. The world map is 300 feet by 150 feet, and every 10 inches represents around 69 miles in the real world.

In addition to letting you experience a world tour in a jiffy, Verdenskortet also offers guided tours to those interested, wherein one can engage in some miniature golf and old Viking games, all while enjoying a cup of coffee and delish cakes!Around 35,000 people visit every single year.

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