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Perfumers Gone Wild

Perfumers Gone Wild, an exhibition of scent art on display at Olfactory Art Keller in New York, has begun its run from April 29 to May 22, 2021.

For this exhibition of olfactory art, seven perfumers at different stages of their careers created scents without a brief, and without having to consider the technical requirements and economic consider­ations that usually come with developing a perfume.

The scents that can be explored at Perfumers Gone Wild include:

  • Caring Whisper from Pascal Gaurin

  • Tiger Tuberose from Mackenzie Reilly

  • Alger la Blance from Yves Cassar

  • Hope/less from Chiaki Nomura consists of two scents, Hope and Hopeless that were created to be used both individually or layered

  • Sinner from Christina Christie is inspired by the use of resins and incense in religious rituals

  • 16 Ton from Carlos Benaim stacks the heaviest molecules from IFF’s collection on top of each other

For detailed information and access visit: Olfactory Art Keller


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