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Celebrity Endorsement at Its Best

Luxury Launches - Not only is Oprah the highest paid woman on television she is also the most influential woman – perhaps in the world. How else, or WHO else, would be able to make $12 million in an hour through a tweet?

Nothing politically correct, but rather a proclamation of her love for bread. As an ambassador of WeightWatchers (and who owns 6 million shares), and having lost 26 pounds since she began their diet, she did what any social media-patron does these days – put up her little joy on Twitter. And lo and behold! The ‘Twitterverse’ (Twitter Universe, for those who didn’t get it) erupted into frenzy.

Apparently, within an hour that she put up the video, shares of WeightWatchers climbed over $2 a share. So as per the math, she made 2×6 times the money – $12 million.


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