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Wanna Have Your Own Cool Snapchat Filter? Now You Can...

Are you ready to boost your holiday parties, launch events and even casual get-togethers with "On-Demand Geofilters"?

Snapchat's innovating the use of its already popular and widely used Geofilter family.

From now on businesses and individuals (yay!) in the US, the UK, and Canada (boo!) will be able to buy Geofilters using logos and trademarks as a promotional tool, meaning your next big event can have its own dedicated filter for all to use.

Pricing starts at $5 and increases depend on the size of your coverage area and length of availability.

The best part? Submitted On-Demand Geofilters will be approved within one business day!

The worst part? This feature should be made available around the words asap!

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