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Must Be A Reason 1 Billion Facebook Posts Say...

BuzzSumo love deriving analysis from big data. In January 2016 they took this very useful hobby of theirs to a whole new level and analyzed over 1 billion posts from 30m brand pages on Facebook.

Here is what they found...

Just to make it easier for you, below you can find the core findings of the study....

  1. The post formats that get the most engagement are questions and images.

  2. Short form text posts of less than 50 characters get the most interaction. It seems Facebook is not a place for reading but finding and engaging.

  3. Videos that are directly embedded get over six times the engagement of embedded YouTube videos.

  4. Surprisingly posts without hashtags get more interaction than posts with hashtags.

  5. Posts published between 10 PM and Midnight of your audience’s local time get the most engagement. It seems publishing when there are less posts being published, and vying for attention, increases engagement. Thus you should zig when others zag.

  6. Posts published on Sunday get more engagement on average. Again this seems due to less competition from other posts.

  7. Posts that link to longer form articles over over 1,000 words get the most engagement.

  8. Posting images via Instagram appear to provide a 23% increase in engagement.

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