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UAE Unveils Plans for World's Greenest Eco Resort

DesignBoom published earlier this month that Baharash Architecture has recently unveiled plans for world’s greenest eco resort in UAE.

Reportedly some of the environmental benefits of Oasis Eco Resort will be recycling wastewater on site for irrigation, on-site waste management, the enforcement of a zero-emission zone and 157,000 square feet of solar panels.

The ribbon-like roof of the resort is designed to maximize the area for solar panels, which are planned for optimum energy efficiency.

The ground water will be used for crop irrigation, fish farming and recreational activities, as well as providing a natural habitat for wildlife.

The resort will also employ wildlife biologists and conservation staff.

Ultimately, the ‘Oasis Eco Resort’ will also have economic and socio-cultural benefits for the region.

Not only the eco resort will create job opportunities for locals, it will also help preserve the regions heritage and provide greater interaction with native people.

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