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A New Paradise Resort in Maldives by Soneva

Luxury Launches - The resort will use seawater with UV filtration and the villas have been built over the sandy floors of the lagoon, with no damage to any part of the reef. Solar PV will be a significant source of power generation at the resort, all waste-water will be collected and treated on-site, and water will also be produced on-site, including drinking water. Waste will be recycled, while the vegetable garden will give local produce for the restaurants based on organic principles. Other amenities include a spa, a dive centre, an observatory, a children’s den, an Eco Centro, organic gardens and an outdoor Cinema Paradiso which will be the first ‘silent cinema’ in the Maldives by giving guests Bluetooth earphones to watch movies so as not to disturb the nesting wildlife in the area (the point to detail is commendable!).

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