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Moleskine Opens an Upscale Cafe in Milan

Luxury Launches - Taking branding to new heights, the luxury notebook brand has opened its flagship café in Milan’s upscale Brera Design District. Following its successful stint at Geneva airport, Moleskine conceived the idea to open a full-fledged coffee house in its home city-Milan.

The two floor café with its contemporary ambience and neutral wall shades makes for a perfect spot to get your creativity riding and helping you scribble out your best. Moleskin has teamed up with the international consultancy- Interbrand to create its swish interiors and make the café a true reflection of the Brand’s literary presence.

Apart from its posh coffee bar, the café also incorporates a table on the ground floor designed specially to suit workshops and literary fests. For those who fancy some alone time, the café gives you just that with its comfortable seating of sofas on the first floor.

While the cafe interiors alone are a divine fit for brimming your creative instincts, it also presents to its guest a doodle wall where one can try their hand at some soothing art therapy! You can also get their hands on the latest Moleskine merchandise at the dedicated retail space in the café.

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