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Apple Pay Knows About Making Marketing Noise...

MotorAuthority - Impulse purchases can be a pack of gum at the grocery store, bargain-bin DVDs at Target, or perhaps a vintage car. Wait, what? That was clearly the case for the person who spotted a 1964 Aston Martin DB5 that was sitting in a booth at the Paris Motor Show earlier in the year. The car was listed for sale, and the buyer had to have it. Apparently it's by shopping on an app and using Apple spend over $1 million.

The car was listed through Coys, an auction house. This particular Aston Martin was on the auction house's own Vero profile page. Vero is described as next-generation social platform, and Coys uses it to list some of the vehicles that are for sale or heading to auction. The DB5 had a "Buy-It Now" price tag of £825,000 ($1.01 million), and the eventual buyer decided to press that button.

This purchase marks the largest known transaction using Apple Pay. I have to imagine that the buyer just earned plenty of mileage on his or her American Express Black Card after pressing that button. It was the fastest way to acquire the car and, according to Coys, the buyer was able to beat two other interested parties to the purchasing punch.

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