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Chanel Introduces a String of Chic New Emojis

Guest of a Guest - It is a universal truth that while we all communicate differently, the ultimate language of the 21st century is emoji. But oftentimes, we find ourselves begrudging Apple because their emoticons simply can't convey our thoughts. What are we supposed to do, use our words? That's so 2014. The round toed red pump emoji is never something any of us would actually wear, and the pink clutch emoji isn't something anyone with taste would be caught dead carrying. What's the fashion forward crowd to do?

The solution? Chanel emojis. Yes ladies and gents, the Chanel has come out with their own line of digital stickers. Now when you're bickering with your boyfriend over what movie to watch tonight and he's clearly winning, you can send him a white flag adorned with the famous Chanel logo on it instead of just saying "I give up." Rather than sending the passé lipstick emoji found on the Apple keyboard, you can communicate your look of the day with an array of Chanel lip glosses. What could be better? You can download it here to give your text convos that classy oompf you've been waiting for.

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