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Coca Cola Japan Celebrates Cherry Blossom with Limited Edition Cherry Flavoured Beverage Release

Coca Cola - Given Japan’s love for Sakura, brands (local or otherwise) has been busy coming up with tantalizing product twits around the beloved cherry-blossom. While Pepsi Japan was quick to introduce a cherry-flavored drink right in time for the season, beverage giant Coca-Cola was busy marketing boring lemon flavored colas and ginger -based variants. Probably after catching-up on the repeated demands of cola-buffs in Japan, Coca-Cola has finally released an inviting sakura-flavored coke!

Presented in a quirky pink-hued bottle, the container is just as intriguing as the beverage within. Done up in a mix of white with varying shades of pink, the aluminum bottle features soft cherry blossom leaves in the backdrop, with the Coca-Cola logo imprinted across the circumference in the center. The slim-line design is further finished with a striking red cap. The interesting design combined with the comforting taste of sakura presents a cooling experience in the sizzling times of spring.

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