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Do It Like Rolls-Royce Does! | Treat Your Special Customers Specially

Carscoops - The Middle East is a hugely important region for Rolls-Royce. Even with sales there stagnating, the region still remains its third largest market, while the dealership in Dubai moves more metal than any other in the world. Little wonder, then, that so many of its special editions are made specifically for the Persian Gulf.

This latest project from the Rolls-Royce Bespoke division didn't just yield one special model, though, or a short run of them. It takes the form of seven unique one-off vehicles, each distinct from the other and from any other ever made. And they're all bound for the Emirates.

Commissioned by the dealership in Abu Dhabi, the Wisdom Collection draws its inspiration from landmarks and traditions in the country.

There's one of each model that Rolls-Royce makes, and tellingly two based on the Wraith. There's a Phantom saloon inspired by the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, rendered in two-tone white and gold with an intricately embroidered floral headliner, which itself took 800 hours and nearly 400,000 stitches to complete. It's joined by a Phantom Coupe evocative of the Qasr-Al Hosn fortress in bright blue and white with gold detailing, and a desert rose-inspired Phantom Drophead Coupe in white and a deep wine red. The Ghost sedan is inspired by ancient trade routes and features a white and gold paintjob with gold brightwork and yellow trim. The Dawn convertible recalls traditional pearling with ocean hues of blue, teal, silver, and beige. And while one Wraith draws its inspiration from falconry in white with gold trim and a deep reddish brown leather interior, the other recalls the Sheikh Zayed Bridge in blue, white, and silver.

Each features specially designed, hand-painted coach lines and little easter eggs throughout, representative of the vehicle's particular theme. You can rest assured that the Abu Dhabi dealership will charge a suitable premium for each, and that they'll all sell in due course.

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