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Louis Vuitton Now Lets You Customise Your New & Old LV Trunks

Vogue - Louis Vuitton, known for their exceptional luggage trunks, is adept at personalizing items for their customers. He brand has always offered to have your initials hot stamped or hand painted on a favorite bag with the Mon Monogram service to appease your possessive side but now they extend the service to trunks too.

You can now request for your trunk to be hand painted by one of the brand’s master craftsmen. And the service isn’t restricted to your initials, you can even select a design to adorn your trunk. The best part probably is that you don’t have to buy a new trunk to avail of the service, they will happily have an older trunk personalized as well. This service might be a great way to give an old piece of LV luggage a brand new look.

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