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A ‘Multi-Sensory’ Ice-Cream Pop-up in London by Häagen-Dazs

TimeOut - The unique store will take visitors through a series of exceptional ice cream experiences that will make you slurp and click without any bounds.

Named “My Extraordinary Life Pop-up”, the exhibit will showcase some of the best treats by the ice-cream maker. Starting in a lounge room with mesmerizing salt caramel and cookies & cream flavors to savor upon, the pop-up then leads guests to a one-of-its-kind ‘infra-red ice-cream zone’ and an ‘ice-capade’ station. If this wasn’t enough, the brand will also crown the greatest ice-cream photographer of the evening with a 3D scan of their face made into an ice-cream lolly! Now that can compel even amateurs to snap away while gorging onto some yummy-licous frozen delights!

The exclusive pop-up will also showcase decadent dinner tables with edible center-pieces and a divine toppings station or what they call a ‘sprinkle mountain’. This is where you get to bring your creative side out with sprinkles and garnishes on an ‘ice-cream canvas’ of your choice! Towards the end, guests are welcomed to relax in a plush bar area with a complimentary Häagen-Dazs cocktail that perfectly matches the brands bespoke ice cream canapés.

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