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Rvt.Rana Babaç Çelebi (Msc., PhdC) is a clinical aromatherapist and history of medicine researcher at Medipol University’s Medical Faculty. Her research specialization is the use of scent within the historical discourse of treatment. She teaches a number of aromatherapy, perfume and history of medicine courses online and offline since 2015. In line with her academic efforts, Rana has also been going back and forth between İstanbul and Isparta, learning and applying the traditional technique of producing rose (rosa damascena) water and oil with her professor since 2014. In addition to cultivating 15 selected medicinal and aromatic plants in a farm Rana and her husband have been building in the Mount Ida region, she is also the founder of Turkey's first online medicinal and aromatic plants library In 2021 Rana published a book on aromatherapy called "Aromatherapy: From earth to breath".

Rana Babaç Çelebi is a member of American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, WWF, Aromatherapy Association in Turkey, Bugday Ecological Life Foundation and Robert College Alumni Association.

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