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W Bali Introduces Special Sound Suites

NYT - Among the folk who travel and leverage lodging facilities the most are musicians. It’s common knowledge, but it is only W Hotels that thought of leveraging this large customer base to offer more value to them. The hotel has been known to take their music very seriously, which is why they have a DJ on-board to spin its lobbies and also include a stage for live performances.

The hotel chain has very recently introduced the Sound Suites, specifically designed and engineered to accommodate musical artists and recording professionals who require the right environment and acoustics to do their work. The Sound Suites will debut in Indonesia at the W Bali – Seminyak property. It will comprise of a 600 sq. ft. sound-insulated studio with a vocal booth that charges $150 for four hours. For an initial promotional period, the studio will be offered free to some local artists. The equipment in the main mixing room will include Pioneer, Native Instruments and Moog gear.

Travelling musicians will see this as a blessing. The Studio Suites will soon be coming to Hollywood, Seattle, and Barcelona this year. That’s not all. The music-loving chain of hotels will host a 3-day music festival this fall at the W Scottsdale hotel in Arizona.

“W has a long history of musicians staying, playing, and celebrating at our hotels,” said Anthony Ingham, Global Brand Leader, W Hotels Worldwide. “We know that inspiration can strike at any moment, so the W Sound Suite is today’s tech-savvy version of scribbling lyrics on a cocktail napkin. Bali, a vibrant and creative hub often called ‘the alternative Ibiza’, is the perfect setting for our first music studio, with Hollywood, Barcelona and Seattle to follow. After all, who can’t find inspiration in paradise?”

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