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An Exclusive Food Tour Aboard a Luxury Jet with Noma Chef by Four Seasons

LL - The Four Seasons Hotels Limited have developed the adventure of a lifetime for true gourmands. With the help of Rene Redzepi – the chef behind the World’s Best Restaurant: Noma- the hotel group has planned an epic journey that takes travelers to 9 gastronomic capitals across Asia and Europe.

The three week Culinary Discoveries begin in May and discover the magic of food in diverse locations from Chiang Mai, Copenhagen and Florence to Tokyo, Seoul and Paris. But the journey is not all about visiting restaurants, guests will also experience private kitchens, markets, farms as well as historical and cultural landmarks.

For $135,000 per person, guests will enjoy the best service and amenities on their private Boeing 757 jet, not to mention luxe accommodations at Four Seasons hotels. They’ll even throw in Bose noise-canceling headphones and iPads.

“This new itinerary is the perfect example of why the Four Seasons Private Jet was launched, and furthers our innovative approach in planning exceptional travel journeys that create unforgettable memories,” said Elizabeth Pizzinato, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

“Private Jet itineraries open doors to some of the world’s most exclusive experiences and extraordinary destinations. Through this collaboration and partnership with Noma we will explore new synergies and create a journey for our guests unlike any other.”

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