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Santa Serves up Sleigh-Borne Dinner in the Sky

Japan Times - Not waiting at home for Santa Claus, gourmets in Brussels are flying off aboard his sleigh to dine with him above the city’s rooftops and twinkling Christmas lights.

Santa in the Sky is a novel twist on the Belgian capital’s Dinner in the Sky venture, where diners and the chefs cooking for them are lifted high in the air on an open platform suspended from a construction crane.

This weekend on the city’s chic Sablon square shopping district, a bell-ringing Santa Claus is welcoming people aboard the “restaurant” fitted out as a sleigh decked with lights and drawn through the air by four theater-prop reindeer.

Diners, who sit strapped to chairs to eat at a bar running round the open kitchen, can pay up to €250 ($265) for a gastronomic four-course supper with wine, or go for options starting at €55 for tea — of course, it’s “high tea.”

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