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Absolut #PRIDE

Wonderland Magazine - Stonewall have teamed up with Absolut for a series of customised designer bottles, all in the name of Pride.

This weekend, members and friends of the LGBT community will be celebrating, marching and making their voices heard at Pride events across the world. It goes without saying that after the tragic scenes in Orlando earlier this month, this year’s Pride celebrations are both particularly poignant and as essential as they’ve always been in a world where homophobia and hatred remain a gravel problem.

Accordingly, LGBT charity Stonewall have partnered with premium vodka manufacturer Absolut for an exclusive series of designer customised bottles. Names including SIBLING, Henry Holland, Gareth Pugh and Princess Julia have created stunning, super-coveted, one-off pieces inspired by the idea of #AbsolutPride.

These extremely limited edition bottles will be auctioned off on the platform Givergy to raise money for Stonewall. What’s more, the guys at Absolut are donating a percentage of bottle sales taken over the weekend of festivities to the charity. This fundraising effort couldn’t be more timely.

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