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Ever Wondered How Much Selena Gomez's Social Media Posts Are Worth?

ENews - When it comes to being social media savvy, Selena Gomez knows what she's doing. The 23-year-old singer is the queen of personal branding, according to data company D'Marie Analytics.

At slot No. 1, Gomez tops the company's list of influential media moguls, which also includes Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift . As the top social media influencer worldwide, D'Marie has estimated Gomez's social media posts are worth $550,000 when they appear across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook—a $300,000 increase from what her brand posts were worth just last December, according to Adweek.

With more than 180.6 million total followers across platforms and an average of 200,000 new followers per day (yes, every 24 hours), Gomez is absolutely dominating the social media market. She has more than 90 million followers on Instagram alone, and recently made it into the Insta hall of fame with the most-liked post in the app's history, a sponsored picture that currently boasts more than 4.6 million likes.

While the singer has collaborated with Coca-Cola, Pantene and other brands in the past, Gomez hasn't endorsed nearly as many companies as other influential social media stars.

In an interview with Adweek, D'Marie CEO Frank Spadafora said it is interesting that the most statistically influential person on social media is engaged in far less campaigns than other celebrities. "Personally, I think it's because she's being smart and she's aware that over-saturating her social feeds with sponsored content could negatively impact the relationship she has with her audience," he said.

To come up with the $550,000 figure, D'Marie looks at a variety of metrics, including followers, engagement, post frequency, post quality and the potential to create sales from social content. And in the end, Gomez took the cake.

Good for you, Selena. Your status as social media queen is getting the recognition it deserves (but let's tell her something she doesn't know).

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