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Land Rover Builds a Compact Christmas Cabin for Discovery Sport

Luxury Launches - If more than a few of your friends have tried to drag you along on a camping trip lately, then the new Wilderness Cabin from Land Rover is certain to pique your interest. The world famous car company has applied the versatility, all-terrain capability and contemporary design principles of its Discovery Sport premium compact SUV to a one-off wilderness cabin concept. The little wooden shelter can house two people and has been designed in collaboration with Danish architectural practice LUMO.

With a compact footprint of just 3.5m2, the cabin was able to withstand temperatures of -20°C in Land Rover’s cold weather testing chamber. It can be disassembled and once collapsed it fits inside even the smallest model in the Discovery family.

Despite its unusual silhouette, the cabin’s natural and sustainable materials ensure it blends into its surroundings. The floor and frame are constructed using Danish Pine, while the sides and roof are made from plywood manufactured from various hardwoods carrying the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) mark. The cladding uses ecologically-derived Western Red Cedar shingles, which lessen the cabin’s visual impact on its surroundings. The wilderness cabin rests on three wooden struts 212mm above the ground which means it can be installed on uneven surfaces without difficulty.

It also features an optional tailgate seat on the front deck, large door openings at each end of the cabin and a solar charging panel in the roof which allows visitors to charge smartphones or tablets even when in remote locations.

Land Rover will be using the cabin over the next few years to support ongoing partnerships and upcoming events, and it will be making appearances through its network of Land Rover Experience centres.

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