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Penfolds Partners with NatGeo to Tell ‘A Story in Every Bottle’

TweGlobal - Some bottles of wine live a long life, with a story that encompasses years of aging in cellars and on shelves until they are dusty and mature. The finest wines have stories to tell and Penfolds has partnered with National Geographic to bring these very stories to light. Through a Digital Series called ‘A Story in Every Bottle’ wine lovers will get personal with some of the rarest and finest wines in the world. Penfolds has Re-corking Clinics in locations like Adelaide, Sydney, London, New York, Vancouver and Hong Kong. These clinics are where wine collectors bring their wines which have been aged for over 15 years to be “checked up” and re-bottled, the clinics are also the source of the amazing stories.

“From the vine to the bottle, the journey of grape into wine is a story in its own right. At a Re-corking Clinic new stories emerge from the wines owners and after 25 years, the notion that every bottle has a story continues to reign true.” said Penfolds Chief Winemaker, Peter Gago. “As winemakers, it is so meaningful and rewarding to meet collectors and share their personal story of their wine’s journey. Professionally it is gratifying to witness the ongoing quality of rare treasures that span so many decades, each one adding to the unfinished story that is Penfolds.” You can watch the vignettes or digital stories at

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